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The Biggest Deceit By Far, Burning Sticks and Racial Tricks

The Biggest Deceit By Far, Burning Sticks and Racial Tricks

                     When it happened it occurred as if a snake in your bed in the dead of night. The planning of the explosion allowed ample time for the new regime to gather allies and plan as far as two decades in advance. Whilst the many slumbered in their homes, the once few created a more elaborate plan of destruction. Commutating their plan, the night sky glared with red, orange and hues of black smolder fumes. The ball was already rolling and it was much to late to turn back now. People in their beds began to awake coughing profusely and trembling in confusion and fear. The smell of burning wood overtook the land, sweeping back and forth while the streets somehow remained eerily calm. Soon, but much later than sooner; people began to rush to the streets. Men drowsily attempted at extinguishing the quickly spreading fire while the women began collecting their sleeping babies from their homes. The fire began to blaze as Walter tried rescuing the people just a 1/2 mile down the street. The destruction had taken out over 40 homes in the land with as close to 15 more being a fraction of the way closer to destruction. The damage was done. They were dead. All 311 of them. Women and babies. Men and women. Whole families, gone consumed by the treacherous fire. When the smoke spewed its very last strike of fiery anger and the smoke cleared; the day had been marked as the one which devoured 111 families. The town had been burnt down to sticks and the next phase had been put into place. While devastation consumed the many, the few placed the very next step to their plan. From devastation must come absolution; for the dominant society that is. We couldn't very well have people feeling hope in a time of devastation, after all only a few deserve happiness and the many are not of that category. Absolution is only obtained through trial, tribulation, and intellect. Should they chose to exercise that intellect than perhaps this would have been a whole other story. But, this is about the regime; and the regime shall progress through any means necessary even at the cost of sacrifice.

              The next step, divide and conquer.

     Sacrifice, this was a requirement to achieve greatness. The regime understood this completely and was willing to do whatever it took by any means necessary. The goal was to create an even larger regime despite the current competition which had seemed to commence since the investment and new recruitment of their allies. This goal although requiring a huge sacrifice was half of the way done. The last step was to hold a meeting to thoroughly plan the first event which would create an opportunity for mass confusion. Consulting with their guide, the regime met in the sacred temple of tan-ka-ma on the month in which the moon sat the highest and the climate was at it's coldest. The image can be pictured best as a group of 12 men dressed in smokey black cloaks arriving by horseback into the designated location. Upon arriving, each voluntarily recited to forbidden oath:
The nights rely and I am to abide
loyal and giving while learning and living
To thee I give my deepest oath, to protect each secret and never disclose
For unity I strive or find my life derived from sickness and ignorance and lesser than greatness
this brotherhood I uphold and swear never to oppose it or find me hanging fingersless, legless, headless, and all other horrible and terrible sufferings I deserve.
After reciting each individual's oath Mathew[ the head leader] then takes a peculiar looking blade and cut his finger. Holding it up above his head, he sweeps it twice around the air as if he were drawing a shape in the sky then presses his bleeding finger into the sculpture on the opening of the temple. Each member followed this procedure then one by one they begin to disappear into the temple. From afar, for listening ears it would be thought that the demons from hell had emptied their gates into the tomb. An hour of mortifying screaming and shouting commence until it becomes abruptly silent.
            Inside the temple was a morbid sight. The desire to obtain something unworldly had seemly overtook these members. There in the mouth of the temple lay a hand dismembered from the body. The regime all sat in a circle chanting while 30 victims sat chained to what appeared to be tomb caskets. There were a variety of victims, one to fit the taste of each member. Some looked as though they had been there for months while others had the look of fresh fear. The fear in which one experiences for the first time. They would be tormented for weeks before the suffering was over.
In the circle sat an ancient symbol not only drawn on the ground but a statue sized granite version of the drawn symbol. While the regime sat and chant the symbol began  to shake a bit, and then slowly lifting off of the ground. Mathew slowly started to rise from the circle calling on an elderly deity to interfere in the meeting. He was searching for guidance stronger than the once he was currently under. Becoming more and more impatient he yelled louder until his yell turned into a shrieking sound. It became still, quiet and dark. A gust of wind blew into the temple and a bright light replaced each candle which was lit. Mathew was now levitating along with the granite symbol but his presence was not his own. Although Mathew appeared to look like himself, he was far from such.He had been overtaken by Apeb the serpent. His eyes had been replaced with the serpents eyes and his intent brought an unknown wisdom to this regime.
     "You have summoned me for troubles you endure?" The men looked lovingly unto Mathew as the serpent spoke through him. "I bring you light and solution, ye shalt rest easily for I bring the truth." The brothers waited for the serpent to take a long break and then he said, " The solution is death! For through death eternal life waits. While you seek dominance and power ye shall sacrifice all that you have, and all that you are and in return your desire's shalt be fulfilled." Looking toward the line of captives, Mathew signaled to his choosing. 3 members stood up and grabbed the middle aged woman. Throwing her into the circle they began to perform the sacrificial ceremony on her. The woman, tired of the torture decided to fight back and was knocked out by the serpent. It instructed the regime to cut her open for a blood sacrifice. Once the woman was bled out, the men bathed in her blood offering some to the serpent who gladly indulged in a feeding. The men then sat down and received the last of their instructions. "One given, in return I will give you this. Follow it directly and you shall see your reward. You must destroy your land in order to obtain something greater. Once you destroy your land, you will obtain many others. From it will come great power over all men, resources, and things. You will see resistance from your people. Selectively chose which is worth keeping a while longer over all others. Once you have chosen, divide them and drive them to the tip of self destruction. Once you have achieved this, your world will be with minimal effort. They will then do the rest."
        The temple remained occupied by the resistance for yet another month before they packed up and returned back to onion town. With their presence back into the town tragedies followed. Many of them began small at first. Then the larger the tragedies became, the more power the regime acquired. The biggest tragedy to occur that year was the burning of their beloved town. The loss for the many was huge, but for the regime it was right on time. Once onion town had been burnt down, something shifted. The time period in which all things seemed to be impossible began to seem like the past and the regime had finally starting the next chapter of their society. As things progressed, they learned the power of division and how to use it to get them much closer to a global rule. Since investment is what they most loved, they began investing in entities to breed and create a social cataclysm. With the division headed on a full speed ahead train forward the universal time clock began to tick a bit faster. This time on intent and a new concept called KARMA...

              ~But who knew that even the most wickedest of man would soon have to answer for his wrong doings.


                         EYE LEAVE YOU WITH THIS

In the Darkness There Was No Light

                       In the Darkness There Was No light

             The town had been quiet for about four years prior to the big explosion. All of the citizens had been preoccupied maintaining a marginalized and  politically acceptable lifestyle. Even in this time, there were few who realized the cycle of how things worked and many who accepted their fate as the sleeping chattel. The few had become the restless, the aware, and the ultimately angry. Being awake in a civilization of sleeping chattel comes at its very own risks you see; the few had become not only the aware, but a threat to all things which had been put in there/their proper place. For the few, non-acceptance for the circumstances in which they found themselves in brought about a different kind of mindset. This mindset proved to be dangerous to those who sacrificed little to obtain greatness. This greatness, although in the primordial stages of development was headed to global greatness in a matter of decades. The direction of such rulership and dominance could be heard by non, but seen by our great resistance. With this resistance came a more insidious plan; all with the help of secrecy and grouping. This would later on be called many things but to the illiberal it would be known as the ILLUMINATI. 

                            HOW IT ALL STARTED

          Strange things begin to happen when power tries to overtake wit. Errors begin erupting while 

individuals venture on their journey to domination. Eventually greed overcomes a piece of the circle 

and someone is left out. Once this takes place, if the group has not air locked their circle, a airflow 

takes place; leaking out into the environment and ultimately sharing the secrets of what was once 

held so tightly in this circle. Rumors begin to circulate and within weeks, a new resistance has 

formed. This resistance contained the lands most evil and penurious men ever to walk the ruins of 

onion town. From the caves and deep into their graves, this new social elite desired everything in 

which had been denied them and more. In the process of this new formation, something occurred 

which sparked an unseen desire for light. Learning from the past was a fraction of what this regime 

had intended on doing. What they wanted more than anything was to raise a society from the dead 

and relocate it to onion town. With this risen society/EMPIRE, came ancient practices which were to 

remain unshared and off limits to the many. A new greed diverged in this time; a hunger if you will, 

one in which would never be satisfied because the layers for this game were to thick. Even to the 

game makers.

     Ravenous for knowledge, they immolated their previous rulers path to greatness. What they 

created was something that had yet to be done. Something which would take decades to develop and 

sacrifices in abundance. The land would be shaken, for mercy would not be permitted. No man, 

woman nor child would be spared. Rules emerged which would prohibit the use of practices such as 

"decency" or "morales". Humanity would no longer be regarded as such, instead it would be an 

obstacle in which the regime would constantly be looking to overcome. Such as an ant crawling on 

you while sunbathing, or an intolerable pest at your skin, such would be the perception of the many, 

and any who dared to become the few. What the resistance had gained was an intolerance for the 

weak; those who so diligently stood in complacence while men of a profound ignorance took control. 

For all things learned sculpt the future of mankind and with it comes a new uprising of power by any 

means necessary.

       The year before the big explosion was one of historical and biblical context. The new regime was 

in the final stages of completion and had managed to create an airtight seal around their circle and 

assets. What they learned in this time was the vitality of power within war. Secretly managing to fund 

their first war, the regime invested in the very first currency drop of the land. With this drop brought 

allies and investors globally. The regime feeling confident of the future of their endeavors created a 

name for themselves. "SKULL AND BONES", was born in onion town and would forever be under the 

observation of waking and sleeping citizens. While suspicion was far from a threat, it was still one in 

which they refused to endure anytime soon. So making many demands and few compromises, this 

new regime invested once again; this time in a death certificate and lien's for ALL citizens of onion 

town. An even larger plan began to unfold for the war opened up a floodgate of incentives for those 

who resided outside of onion town yet witnessed what great things could be achieved through such a 

small gathering. Investors poured in from town to town in the hopes of becoming apart of this regime. 

While many were kept, others were re-directed and again the cycle of the few occurred causing a 

cataclysm of societies battling for dominance. 

       With this investment, the society which was once minuscule in power was now able to obtain 

true power over the citizens without even disclosing the source. A universal clock began to tick 

down, with every move on the board the clock's timer reversed with an intemperate rage in the form 

of an unforgivable universal sin; the life of a hue-man. The regime had not only discovered eternal light, they had also discovered ancient majic. Through this enchanting yet forbidden tool, they 

devised the first step to channeling. Using this weapon enabled the most powerful tool in the land. 

This tool was illusion. It was used rarely in this year but following years it proved to be pertinent in 

maintaining discreet order amongst the sleeping citizens [or otherwise considered dead]  In this year, 

the biggest objective whether 

deliberate or unintentional was the destruction of universal order. By breaking this order, the society 

was able to manipulate rules to work ever in their favor. And with the disappearance of their citizens 

a great fortune and worldly wealth was set up; not only for their present time, but for generations of 

the blooded society to come. With these benefits came the explosion of their history. 


Those who sought out for it obtained it and died to defend it. It was the first [ but not the last] of its 

kind. The most pressing secret of all kind. 


                        EYE LEAVE YOU WITH THIS

If you could imagine the look and the smell of power what would it be like? Overstanding that 

everything in life is encompassed within a cycle is one of the most imperative key elements to the 

survival of all kinds. What eye believe to be a formidable threat to our existence are those who ignore 

and blatantly disregard ALL hue-man's basic and god given rights to survival. The fact that there are 

some people who accept their role in society for what it is and never demand the unmodified right to 

live as humans is disheartening. In this post, my goal is to get people to take a deeper look at history 

and to observe the investment, both time and money which was placed into sculpting our many 

layered society. The cycle occurs through observation yes, but choices are also made through 

experience. So eye ask you, if you are the few; would you be tired of the many? And if so, would you 

impose the same circumstances on them which you yourself were faced with and feel validated from 

it? If you are the many, why is it so? Can you still remain complacent even when you know you are 

deliberately being sacrificed for some sinister greater good?

Onion town and all of its contents are for entertainment purposes only. While some of the content has been taken from real life events both historical and current it is fictionalized in order to maintain imaginational enjoyment.
*disclaimer to the disclaimer
While this blog "ONION TOWN, POISON EPIDEMIC/POISON IN THE WATER" IS FICTIONAL eye will and always uphold moral obligation to my viewers and readers. Critically thinking and analyzing everything you read on this post is highly advised. My goal is to get readers thinking outside of "the box" and thinking about this time level we are currently on.
*disclaimer to the disclaimer, to the crossed out disclaimer
But bare with me here, we're on to something good eye promise you. Getting into the story a bit. What eye am sending out here is a bit o history with a bit o fantasy. The purpose of including the magical element in the end is to add 
1.a bit of confusion
2. because eye like majestical perceptions
3.Because it is funny to make my readers wonder

You guessed right! The answer is all 3!!!  But seriously galls and guys, it will all make sense.. just keep reading :)

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                      In the Darkness There Was No Light- By Ashay Divinity

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And so it begins

And so it begins:

We last left off in stateless existence where the enlightened generation were making preparations on their new war path. Here in Onion Land, there are many things which are hidden. You will see hints, but never understand them. This is the way it is, and this is the  way it will forever be.

The war in which we find ourselves in is one of an indirect nature, yet the path of destruction is dangerously blatant and unkind. The people of Onion Land had yet to discover the hidden agenda of those who have been conditioned centuries in advance to commit mass genocide, multiple hate paths; all in which spiral out of control and into a mad cycle of insanity. These wars in the beginning had a petty nature and were very small. But like most things, they all began with a small room, locked door, and cold floor. The whispers which took place behind the locked door were those of machination and fear. The exhilaration of these meetings where to be shared only after a plan had been put into place, and upon successful completion, only then would the lightened generation feel empowered, and untouchable. What was once mad secret, would then be unveiled and boasted in the public eye. Yet the people of Onion Land would find themselves at a cross-way, unable to decipher what is true, and what is false. They would be blind to the truth even if it were staring them right in the eyes, because the truth had never been released it will be hard to recognize.

What about the mind:

They say the mind is a terrible thing to waist. But when you have never had the opportunity to unlock the full powers of the mind, how can we be entirely sure that this statement is true? From the very beginning, the experiments that were put into place to break down the mind and soul of the worldly entities have by far passed the crimes written by mans laws. One of the very first crimes against the mind was committed by the enlightened generation. The people were so far asleep that they would have never seen this atrocious crime taking place. Where in Onion Land, the people were all united and shared the same fulfillment as a human being, the enlightened were not capable of feeling or sharing any of these common experiences. For that reason alone, they began to isolation themselves and plan for destruction. The first war on the mind was the war of division. People slowly began to notice differences withing their fellow man. Nothing was equal as it once had been, because the serpent came and whispered the words of hatred and wisdom, the people believed every word of its lies. With the lies came an unfolding and misleading ego in which the people now felt entitled. Terminology began to for-mate with this new found knowledge and with it came mass destruction. The destruction that had taken place in Onion Land was catastrophic. Where the people of its land once were open to learning new knowledge and giving, and working together, they learned to steal, hate and kill for what they wanted. They no longer believed that everyone was able to withhold the same amount of knowledge, so instead they stole what they did not know, and forbade others from learning what they now knew. The people began to target one another, taking their attention from the true threat and putting it on a new threat. Once in which was never really a threat, but an asset.

~And now the whole world is in an uproar

I leave you with this:

As I end my second post, and short story....
I ask you: are all people equal? Do you feel as though people spend entirely too much time fighting over things that hold no relevance? Or is everything purposely addressed and appropriate? I like to think about a bigger picture. It is always interesting to me, how timing is always accurate. Meaning, when one issue is addressed, it usually takes place during the time another issue is taking place. In my opinion, someone is spending an awful lot of time and money on distractions for people. I always look for signs of a new distraction on the rise......

And so it begins- By Nchukym Berry

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Chapter 1.. Welcome to Onion Land... short stories

This Blog may come off very un original and a bit on the paranoia side, however there are a few things that need to be discussed. After all, this is Onion Land, so  we will always discuss, and only few will hear. Of those who will hear, those who will feel, and react will be those who shall reveal; the light- those who are the light.
     There is a quantum of people who are in a permanent state of  confounded ignorance, many in which show no immanent signs of recovery or coming to,any time soon. When we see movies which address or in most cases pertain to the zombie apocalypse and demon like possessions, the last thing people think of is the damaged state (or stateless) position every day humans are being impacted with. In order to fully be receptive or even comprehend the contents of this land, you must first take your self from an average and trained mindset, and put yourself into a separate space.Mental deprivation over long periods of time, with conditioning can impact the way we receive information and process it, and so begins the story of Onion Land.

It is no surprise:

Things had not always been this way you know. Truly the light of this world was reserved to those who were inclined to feel, live and learn. Yet something has happened, a shift if you will. But what can we call it? To a war which is visible to the eye, yet invisible to the mind, that in which keeps each life bound and content, he shall not raise up. He shall not prevail, nor shall he ask why; rather sit still; be still and live it, don't peel it. The contents of Onion Land are too extraordinarily complex to feel, one may not be able to see. So lay still......
There is truly no surprise as to what exactly has been taking place on this sinful place we like to call home. Psychological  and physical war fare has been taking place for decades, if not centuries; yet somehow we always seem to turn a blind eye to the crimes committed against man kind. Oddly enough, as time gets more technical, the war turns from one of an indirect and hidden nature, to one in which is fully disclosed and terrifyingly blatant. We The People, yet and still aware of the situation at hand, the wars being imposed upon us, and our generations; still turn a blind eye and rather than address the real issues, continuously feed irrelevant distractions. We The People have retreated to an eerie dormant stateless being and the fate of what is to arise next can only be determined by those who continue to abuse, and oppress the stateless people of this country, and world.The layer has not yet been pealed so let us think,to what extent is one willing to go? In order to maintain control over those who sleep? I always wondered if somehow it was possible for an individual or a small group (perhaps 1%) to really control an entire population of human beings. Technically speaking, this is just a presumptuous question, and is a bit off topic, but still it maybe a good question for debate.
In order to elaborate on it, I can take you to a time...
The Onion, withing the core of Onion Land always operates on different time frequencies and levels. Each time is repeated over and over again, everything happens  multiple times within a human second, then vibrates out into "space" and occurs everywhere else we cannot see. This is the way of things, this is how it has always been, and this is how it will always be. The inevitable always operates on a clock, and in the Land of time, the Onion is always destined to peel, over, and over, again.

   The war on the mind:

An interesting event that has always captivated my soul body, is the constant act of insanity. To each which is destined to repeat a cycle that will continue on, real change is something that they will never know.....
From The very beginning of Onion Land, a separation took place and within that separation; a division of lands unfolded into a mass war. The mass war was intentionally created to with hold information; and keep the population at bay, and under control. Like many layers of an onion, multiple war projects were created and maintained by each en-lighted generation. These generations were kept in secret and from the scrutiny of the general public. The way this group moved, was as if a shadow walked through walls, or a dove which we can clearly see in the light; yet managed to fade away into the sky. Their deeds were of those who held a high regard of ignorance and hate, with spite of the world, and everything in it; they sought out to destroy all who were not them.
Experiments over time became almost a ritualistic lifestyle for this group, creating dimensions of hate, crime, war, terminology, destruction, growth; only to break it down and do it all over again. This is what I call the dimension of hell, but to each experience is each story.

One war that has been taking place for longer than you may wish to acknowledge is the war on the mind. Everyday, new tactics and strategies are devised to keep the masses pacified, illiterate, and emotionless. You see, in this layer, the mind is the gateway to all knowledge; and he who controls the knowledge is he who controls the portal, or future. Would you be able to recognize a lie if you saw one?

I leave you with this:

As I close my very first short story post, I ask you to think about what you know in life. Do you question life as much as  a person who is just waking up in Onion Land would? Are you confident with what you know, and secure enough to never question it? Although this is a fictitious blog, I still enjoy very much thinking outside of the box. Sometimes life is not what it seems to be. In my opinion, some ideals are very far fetched, but who am I to judge? All I can do is put my thoughts into a subject and gain clarity.

-Peace and love!
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Welcome to Onion Land

In a place where nothing is what it seems, all you have to rely on is your dreams. 

Enter this platform at your own risk....
The contents of this blog are written with fictional intent. Some pages in which will include links to each opinion.From their on, you and only you will be able to decide what is real, and what is not. Now entering Onion Land!

About the writer:


This blog is constructed by N'chukym Berry. My main joy in life is bringing information in an intriguing yet incendiary manor. Raised as a nomadic multi spiritual person, I spent most of my childhood writing poetry and drawing. I also enjoy learning about the mysteries of life and plane travel. As I get deeper into this blog, I hope to captivate the minds and thoughts of my audience. Enclosed, you will find an array of short story blogs with expressive insight on the direction of life, past events, and dream diaries. If you find this blog as captivating as I hope you will, please subscribe to it, and leave a comment.