Friday, November 14, 2014

Welcome to Onion Land

In a place where nothing is what it seems, all you have to rely on is your dreams. 

Enter this platform at your own risk....
The contents of this blog are written with fictional intent. Some pages in which will include links to each opinion.From their on, you and only you will be able to decide what is real, and what is not. Now entering Onion Land!

About the writer:


This blog is constructed by N'chukym Berry. My main joy in life is bringing information in an intriguing yet incendiary manor. Raised as a nomadic multi spiritual person, I spent most of my childhood writing poetry and drawing. I also enjoy learning about the mysteries of life and plane travel. As I get deeper into this blog, I hope to captivate the minds and thoughts of my audience. Enclosed, you will find an array of short story blogs with expressive insight on the direction of life, past events, and dream diaries. If you find this blog as captivating as I hope you will, please subscribe to it, and leave a comment.

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