This Blog may come off very un original and a bit on the paranoia side, however there are a few things that need to be discussed. After all, this is Onion Land, so  we will always discuss, and only few will hear. Of those who will hear, those who will feel, and react will be those who shall reveal; the light- those is the light.
     There is a quantum of people who are in a permanent state of  confounded ignorance, many in which show no immanent signs of recovery or coming to,any time soon. When we see movies which address or in most cases pertain to the zombie apocalypse and demon like possessions, the last thing people think of is the damaged state (or stateless) position every day humans are being impacted with. In order to fully be receptive or even comprehend the contents of this land, you must first take your self from an average and trained mindset, and put yourself into a separate space.Mental deprivation over long periods of time, with conditioning can impact the way we receive information and process it, and so begins the story of Onion Land.

It is no surprise:

Things had not always been this way you know. Truly the light of this world was reserved to those who were inclined to feel, live and learn. Yet something has happened, a shift if you will. But what can we call it? To a war which is visible to the eye, yet invisible to the mind, that in which keeps each life bound and content, he shall not raise up. He shall not prevail, nor shall he ask why; rather sit still; be still and live it, don't peel it. The contents of Onion Land are too extraordinarily complex to feel, one may not be able to seem. So lay still......
There is truly no surprise as to what exactly has been taking place on this sinful place we like to call home. Psychological  and physical war fare has been taking place for decades, if not centuries; yet somehow we always seem to turn a blind eye to the crimes committed against man kind. Oddly enough, as time gets more technical, the war turns from one of an indirect and hidden nature, to one in which is fully disclosed and terrifyingly blatant. We The People, yet and still aware of the situation at hand, the wars being imposed upon us, and our generations; still turn a blind eye and rather than address the real issues, continuously feed irrelevant distractions. We The People have retreated to an eerie dormant stateless being and the fate of what is to arise next can only be determined by those who continue to abuse, and oppress the stateless people of this country, and world.The layer has not yet been pealed so let us think,to what extent is one willing to go? In order to maintain control over those who sleep? I always wondered if somehow it was possible for an individual or a small group (perhaps 1%) to really control an entire population of human beings. Technically speaking, this is just a presumptuous question, and is a bit off topic, but still it maybe a good question for debate.
In order to elaborate on it, I can take you to a time...
The Onion, withing the core of Onion Land always operates on different time frequencies and levels. Each time is repeated over and over again, everything happens  multiple times within a human second, then vibrates out into "space" and occurs everywhere else we cannot see. This is the way of things, this is how it has always been, and this is how it will always be. The inevitable always operates on a clock, and in the Land of time, the Onion is always destined to peel, over, and over, again.

   The war on the mind:

An interesting event that has always captivated my soul body, is the constant act of insanity. To each which is destined to repeat a cycle that will continue on, real change is something that they will never know.....
From The very beginning of Onion Land, a separation took place and within that separation; a division of lands unfolded into a mass war. The mass war was intentionally created to with hold information; and keep the population at bay, and under control. Like many layers of an onion, multiple war projects were created and maintained by each en-lighted generation. These generations were kept in secret and from the scrutiny of the general public. The way this group moved, was as if a shadow walked through walls, or a dove which we can clearly see in the light; yet managed to fade away into the sky. Their deeds were of those who held a high regard of ignorance and hate, with spite of the world, and everything in it; they sought out to destroy all who were not them.
Experiments over time became almost a ritualistic lifestyle for this group, creating dimensions of hate, crime, war, terminology, destruction, growth; only to break it down and do it all over again. This is what I call the dimension of hell, but to each experience is each story.

One war that has been taking place for longer than you may wish to acknowledge is the war on the mind. Everyday, new tactics and strategies are devised to keep the masses pacified, illiterate, and emotionless. You see, in this layer, the mind is the gateway to all knowledge; and he who controls the knowledge is he who controls the portal, or future. Would you be able to recognize a lie if you saw one?

I leave you with this:

As I close my very first short story post, I ask you to think about what you know in life. Do you question life as much as  a person who is just waking up in Onion Land would? Are you confident with what you know, and secure enough to never question it? Although this is a fictitious blog, I still enjoy very much thinking outside of the box. Sometimes life is not what it seems to be. In my opinion, some ideals are very far fetched, but who am I to judge? All I can do is put my thoughts into a subject and gain clarity.

-Peace and love!
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