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The Biggest Deceit By Far, Burning Sticks and Racial Tricks

The Biggest Deceit By Far, Burning Sticks and Racial Tricks

                     When it happened it occurred as if a snake in your bed in the dead of night. The planning of the explosion allowed ample time for the new regime to gather allies and plan as far as two decades in advance. Whilst the many slumbered in their homes, the once few created a more elaborate plan of destruction. Commutating their plan, the night sky glared with red, orange and hues of black smolder fumes. The ball was already rolling and it was much to late to turn back now. People in their beds began to awake coughing profusely and trembling in confusion and fear. The smell of burning wood overtook the land, sweeping back and forth while the streets somehow remained eerily calm. Soon, but much later than sooner; people began to rush to the streets. Men drowsily attempted at extinguishing the quickly spreading fire while the women began collecting their sleeping babies from their homes. The fire began to blaze as Walter tried rescuing the people just a 1/2 mile down the street. The destruction had taken out over 40 homes in the land with as close to 15 more being a fraction of the way closer to destruction. The damage was done. They were dead. All 311 of them. Women and babies. Men and women. Whole families, gone consumed by the treacherous fire. When the smoke spewed its very last strike of fiery anger and the smoke cleared; the day had been marked as the one which devoured 111 families. The town had been burnt down to sticks and the next phase had been put into place. While devastation consumed the many, the few placed the very next step to their plan. From devastation must come absolution; for the dominant society that is. We couldn't very well have people feeling hope in a time of devastation, after all only a few deserve happiness and the many are not of that category. Absolution is only obtained through trial, tribulation, and intellect. Should they chose to exercise that intellect than perhaps this would have been a whole other story. But, this is about the regime; and the regime shall progress through any means necessary even at the cost of sacrifice.

              The next step, divide and conquer.

     Sacrifice, this was a requirement to achieve greatness. The regime understood this completely and was willing to do whatever it took by any means necessary. The goal was to create an even larger regime despite the current competition which had seemed to commence since the investment and new recruitment of their allies. This goal although requiring a huge sacrifice was half of the way done. The last step was to hold a meeting to thoroughly plan the first event which would create an opportunity for mass confusion. Consulting with their guide, the regime met in the sacred temple of tan-ka-ma on the month in which the moon sat the highest and the climate was at it's coldest. The image can be pictured best as a group of 12 men dressed in smokey black cloaks arriving by horseback into the designated location. Upon arriving, each voluntarily recited to forbidden oath:
The nights rely and I am to abide
loyal and giving while learning and living
To thee I give my deepest oath, to protect each secret and never disclose
For unity I strive or find my life derived from sickness and ignorance and lesser than greatness
this brotherhood I uphold and swear never to oppose it or find me hanging fingersless, legless, headless, and all other horrible and terrible sufferings I deserve.
After reciting each individual's oath Mathew[ the head leader] then takes a peculiar looking blade and cut his finger. Holding it up above his head, he sweeps it twice around the air as if he were drawing a shape in the sky then presses his bleeding finger into the sculpture on the opening of the temple. Each member followed this procedure then one by one they begin to disappear into the temple. From afar, for listening ears it would be thought that the demons from hell had emptied their gates into the tomb. An hour of mortifying screaming and shouting commence until it becomes abruptly silent.
            Inside the temple was a morbid sight. The desire to obtain something unworldly had seemly overtook these members. There in the mouth of the temple lay a hand dismembered from the body. The regime all sat in a circle chanting while 30 victims sat chained to what appeared to be tomb caskets. There were a variety of victims, one to fit the taste of each member. Some looked as though they had been there for months while others had the look of fresh fear. The fear in which one experiences for the first time. They would be tormented for weeks before the suffering was over.
In the circle sat an ancient symbol not only drawn on the ground but a statue sized granite version of the drawn symbol. While the regime sat and chant the symbol began  to shake a bit, and then slowly lifting off of the ground. Mathew slowly started to rise from the circle calling on an elderly deity to interfere in the meeting. He was searching for guidance stronger than the once he was currently under. Becoming more and more impatient he yelled louder until his yell turned into a shrieking sound. It became still, quiet and dark. A gust of wind blew into the temple and a bright light replaced each candle which was lit. Mathew was now levitating along with the granite symbol but his presence was not his own. Although Mathew appeared to look like himself, he was far from such.He had been overtaken by Apeb the serpent. His eyes had been replaced with the serpents eyes and his intent brought an unknown wisdom to this regime.
     "You have summoned me for troubles you endure?" The men looked lovingly unto Mathew as the serpent spoke through him. "I bring you light and solution, ye shalt rest easily for I bring the truth." The brothers waited for the serpent to take a long break and then he said, " The solution is death! For through death eternal life waits. While you seek dominance and power ye shall sacrifice all that you have, and all that you are and in return your desire's shalt be fulfilled." Looking toward the line of captives, Mathew signaled to his choosing. 3 members stood up and grabbed the middle aged woman. Throwing her into the circle they began to perform the sacrificial ceremony on her. The woman, tired of the torture decided to fight back and was knocked out by the serpent. It instructed the regime to cut her open for a blood sacrifice. Once the woman was bled out, the men bathed in her blood offering some to the serpent who gladly indulged in a feeding. The men then sat down and received the last of their instructions. "One given, in return I will give you this. Follow it directly and you shall see your reward. You must destroy your land in order to obtain something greater. Once you destroy your land, you will obtain many others. From it will come great power over all men, resources, and things. You will see resistance from your people. Selectively chose which is worth keeping a while longer over all others. Once you have chosen, divide them and drive them to the tip of self destruction. Once you have achieved this, your world will be with minimal effort. They will then do the rest."
        The temple remained occupied by the resistance for yet another month before they packed up and returned back to onion town. With their presence back into the town tragedies followed. Many of them began small at first. Then the larger the tragedies became, the more power the regime acquired. The biggest tragedy to occur that year was the burning of their beloved town. The loss for the many was huge, but for the regime it was right on time. Once onion town had been burnt down, something shifted. The time period in which all things seemed to be impossible began to seem like the past and the regime had finally starting the next chapter of their society. As things progressed, they learned the power of division and how to use it to get them much closer to a global rule. Since investment is what they most loved, they began investing in entities to breed and create a social cataclysm. With the division headed on a full speed ahead train forward the universal time clock began to tick a bit faster. This time on intent and a new concept called KARMA...

              ~But who knew that even the most wickedest of man would soon have to answer for his wrong doings.


                         EYE LEAVE YOU WITH THIS

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