Sunday, November 16, 2014

And so it begins

And so it begins:

We last left off in stateless existence where the enlightened generation were making preparations on their new war path. Here in Onion Land, there are many things which are hidden. You will see hints, but never understand them. This is the way it is, and this is the  way it will forever be.

The war in which we find ourselves in is one of an indirect nature, yet the path of destruction is dangerously blatant and unkind. The people of Onion Land had yet to discover the hidden agenda of those who have been conditioned centuries in advance to commit mass genocide, multiple hate paths; all in which spiral out of control and into a mad cycle of insanity. These wars in the beginning had a petty nature and were very small. But like most things, they all began with a small room, locked door, and cold floor. The whispers which took place behind the locked door were those of machination and fear. The exhilaration of these meetings where to be shared only after a plan had been put into place, and upon successful completion, only then would the lightened generation feel empowered, and untouchable. What was once mad secret, would then be unveiled and boasted in the public eye. Yet the people of Onion Land would find themselves at a cross-way, unable to decipher what is true, and what is false. They would be blind to the truth even if it were staring them right in the eyes, because the truth had never been released it will be hard to recognize.

What about the mind:

They say the mind is a terrible thing to waist. But when you have never had the opportunity to unlock the full powers of the mind, how can we be entirely sure that this statement is true? From the very beginning, the experiments that were put into place to break down the mind and soul of the worldly entities have by far passed the crimes written by mans laws. One of the very first crimes against the mind was committed by the enlightened generation. The people were so far asleep that they would have never seen this atrocious crime taking place. Where in Onion Land, the people were all united and shared the same fulfillment as a human being, the enlightened were not capable of feeling or sharing any of these common experiences. For that reason alone, they began to isolation themselves and plan for destruction. The first war on the mind was the war of division. People slowly began to notice differences withing their fellow man. Nothing was equal as it once had been, because the serpent came and whispered the words of hatred and wisdom, the people believed every word of its lies. With the lies came an unfolding and misleading ego in which the people now felt entitled. Terminology began to for-mate with this new found knowledge and with it came mass destruction. The destruction that had taken place in Onion Land was catastrophic. Where the people of its land once were open to learning new knowledge and giving, and working together, they learned to steal, hate and kill for what they wanted. They no longer believed that everyone was able to withhold the same amount of knowledge, so instead they stole what they did not know, and forbade others from learning what they now knew. The people began to target one another, taking their attention from the true threat and putting it on a new threat. Once in which was never really a threat, but an asset.

~And now the whole world is in an uproar

I leave you with this:

As I end my second post, and short story....
I ask you: are all people equal? Do you feel as though people spend entirely too much time fighting over things that hold no relevance? Or is everything purposely addressed and appropriate? I like to think about a bigger picture. It is always interesting to me, how timing is always accurate. Meaning, when one issue is addressed, it usually takes place during the time another issue is taking place. In my opinion, someone is spending an awful lot of time and money on distractions for people. I always look for signs of a new distraction on the rise......

And so it begins- By Nchukym Berry

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